Support for Anti Tobacco's in Indonesia

Indeed dlematis prohibit smoking in developing countries, because this already includes a variety of interests. Interests of the government over tax, tobacco farmers, factory workers roko, cigarette salesman, agent of cigarette ads, football, TV, and of course smokers. Prohibits unlawful let alone make a fatwa is not the solution. This can not be terminated only in a matter of days. Impossible to stop, to reduce possible. Persuasive campaigns and continue to do that.

Government revenue from cigarette tax is a lot, but the government subsidy for the disease due to smoking is also great.

Myth says that smoking is a myth that male ad creation. Smokers dikesankan seems Maco, valiant, intrepid, and strong. This is evidenced by the fact reversed. Damage the health of smokers. If they feel that smoking healthy and strong, especially when not smoking.

Smoking male? from which the formula. Smoking suck carbon mono-oxide and thousands of other toxic substances. This causes less oxygen supply, also the risk of cancer because karsinogenik due to lack of oxygen O2. Because CO is taking place more than O2 in the blood, the O2 supply is less, then what can motivate a male?

if not, to Smokers: Smoking please, but do not force other people inhale the smoke, but his name is selfish and uncivilized.

Democracy is not without limit, the interests of people limit it

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